Yarborough Professional IRS Debt Solutions

Our firm focuses exclusively on solving and resolving IRS debt problems for individuals and businesses.

We provide aggressive strategies to manage our clients' IRS debt. Depending on the individuasl case, we may:

  • Make payment more affordable
  • Negotiate reduction opportunities and in the best-case scenario, totally eliminate the debt
  • Protect our client's cash flow
  • Manage IRS collections actions such as levies, liens, property seizures, even criminal charges


With straight talk and real answers, we handle what we do best...transfering the burdern of your tax debt onto our shoulders so that you can focus on what you do best in your own career.

Our goal is to give you a Fresh Start so you can become Tax Debt Free

Our Story

In 1978 Gerald Yarborough worked in the Dallas Appeals office of the Internal Revenue Service. After six years witnessing under-represented taxpayershe had an epiphany... His heart was with the taxpayer, not the government.

Gerald left the IRS and started his own accounting firm offering small business owners personal service to improve the condition of their record keeping and the accuracy of their tax reporting.

As with many small business owners, he fell on hard times, and even had his own IRS problems! This experience gave him firsthand knowledge of what it feels like to owe the IRS more money than you can pay. It can be an intimidating experience, even for the tax professional.

Recognizing the need for a service to manage IRS actions while developing strategies to reduce tax debt, Gerald began offering representation to his clients.

In 1992, David Yarborough, Gerald's son David has joined the practice. David, also a former IRS agent, brought additional expertise and new strategies to protect clients from the powerful hand of the IRS. There is no magic in what we do... we simply know the IRS system very well.


  • We know what the Service "can and can't do" to collect delinquent taxes from the taxpayer
  • We position the taxpayer in the best possible situation for addressing their tax liability
  • We understand that our clients put a lot of trust into our abilities, and we do not take this lightly


At Tax Resolution Services we fix tax problems so our clients can have peace of mind and be free from the stress and worries caused by IRS debt.

With offices in Charlotte and Charleston, Tax Resolution Services helps clients reduce tax debt throughout the Southeast U.S.